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The Best Glitter Nail Polishes for Adults

Glitter nail polish is back with a bang and the most sought after trend this year. Inspired by early noughties fashion, glitz and glam is making its way back into the mainstream. The difference this time is your favourite glitter styles are available in salon quality gel polishes that you can apply at home.

One of the benefits of using glitter gel polish is that your manicure is strong, durable and will last longer than regular nail polish. The gel polish also cures with a smooth texture, meaning no rough or bumpy finish will ruin the look of your nails. Regular glitter polish sometimes leaves that coarse finish that can snag on clothes and feels unpleasant to brush against.

The best nail polish for a sophisticated glitter look, has to be gel nail polish. Choose from glitter gel polish that has colour and glitter mixed together, clear polish with larger pieces of glitter, or a shimmering top coat containing super fine sparkly bits.

Best Glitter Nail Polish for Adults

The kids who loved glitter nails in the late nineties/early noughties, are the adults seeking it out today after begging for a renaissance. Grown up glitter is a different beast to the original styles inspired by the likes of the Spice Girls and other pop culture icons of the time.

Disco Pink Cally Gel Polish

Disco Pink Cally Gel Polish

This glitter gel polish is ideal for a full set of party nails. The pink gel mixed with chunky multicoloured glitter allows you to show your fun side. This is the perfect way to have a grown up manicure that dazzles all who gaze upon it.

It's a buildable pigment, meaning the more coats you apply, the greater the depth of colour. This type of gel works just as well for ombre as it does for painting the nail one solid block of colour.

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Uptown Funk Cally Gel Polish

Uptown Funk Cally Gel Polish

Reminiscent of a starry night, this deep and moody shade is beautifully offset by twinkly silver glitter. Another buildable shade, which means you can achieve a deep, rich tone that sparkles when the light hits it. Finish the manicure with a high gloss gel top coat to dazzle even on the darkest days.

Use for a full set, striking nail art or an accent nail break up a pale manicure. It's great for if you prefer gothic tones but want something that wows without being a bright colour.

Dorothy Cally Gel Polish

Dorothy Cally Gel Nail Polish

Just like that famous pair of ruby slippers, this Wizard of Oz inspired shade adds sparkle to any nail it touches. With a red gel base and ruby red glitter, this double whammy of rouge is sure to impress.

It's a great shade for the festive season but is begs to be worn all year round.  Put the viral TikTok 'red nails theory' to the test and dress up those fingers and toes.

Cinderella's Slipper Cally Gel Polish

Cinderella's Slipper Cally Gel Polish

If you're looking for prince charming, this shade might be the ones for you. Named "Cinderella's Slipper" because it it looks just like that misplaced glass shoe. Large chunks of silver glitter in a silvery gel base makes your nails sparkle like precious jewels.

This would make for the perfect manicure for a first date, a wedding, or even a ball with a prince! It's a shade that could have been chosen by your fairy godmother herself. Just be aware of midnight looming.

Galaxy Cally Gel Top Coat

galaxy cally gel top coat 8ml

If subtlety is more your style, opt for a light shimmer of glitter in a top coat. The beauty of a top coat is that it can add a fine layer of glitter to any gel you want to use underneath.

A light and fine glittery shimmer formula for toned down sparkle. This is the best nail polish for anyone who likes a bit of sparkle but needs to tone it down for their day job.

Grown Up Ways to Wear Glitter Nail Polish

If you're all for the return of glitter but want to update your look for a sophisticated sparkle, consider different wants to apply your glitter.

The solid glitter manicure will always be on trend, but for those who like something different - keep reading.

Glitter Stripes

With professional tools available to use in the comfort of your home, fancy nail art has never been more accessible. Precision brushes allow for all sort of shapes, but the easiest design to master is stripes.

Paint a solid colour as your background, cure it, then add glitter stripes by dragging a precision brush across your nail.

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The Accent Nail

Usually spotted on the ring finger, an accent nail is a timeless trend. This is a great way to complement a new wedding or engagement ring on your finger and add a bit of intrigue to your manicure.

Glitter Half Moons

Nails naturally have a lighter semi-circle at the base, often referred to as the 'half moon'. Enhance what's naturally there by creating a look where the half moon has been painted in glitter. This is a delicate and chic way to add sparkle to your nails.

Glitter Tips

French tips have been in style forever, but why not mix up a traditional theme and add glitter instead? French tips were designed to mimic and brighten the natural look of a nail, but replacing that natural tone with some fun glitter is a modern glitzy twist on a simple classic. Paint glitter tips on a neutral background for an elevated French manicure, or pair two bright colours for some modern clashing.

Final Thoughts

There's no wrong way to wear glitter nail polish, but it's always great to have fun with it. Try to incorporate glitter in to tried and tested nail designs by replacing something ordinary with the extraordinary.

You'll always find a place for glitter in your manicure, and you can never have too much. Choose from block coloured glitter manicures to cute nail art, or single finger accents. You can't go wrong with a bit of glitter nail polish.

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