Collection: Cally Nail Art Brushes

Use Cally Cosmetics high quality professional nail art brushes UK to take your nail art game to the next level. It makes sense to combine the best brushes for nail art with the best gel nail polish. Master yours manicure by creating salon-quality nail art looks.

Whether you're searching for an ultra-fine nail art liner brush, or hoping to invest in the ultimate set of nail art brushes Cally Cosmetics have got you covered. You could even choose a nail art kit with a mixing palette to make a brand-new shade. We've got everything you need to get creative.

Create Nail Art with Cally Cosmetics Professional Nail Art Brushes in the UK

Find your inner nail artist with Cally Cosmetics' amazing selection of nail art brushes. For creating delicate and detailed designs, you can rely on these professional nail art brushes in the UK. The brand takes your manicures to the next level by providing a selection of high-quality professional brushes that ensure accuracy and functionality.

Cally Cosmetics Brush Set Range

With fine detailing brushes that make intricate patterns easier, you can now transform your nails into mesmerising designs. With our Premium Nail Art Brush Set, you can practice nail art like a pro. This set includes:

  • Angled Brush
  • Oval Brush
  • Liner Brush (5 mm & 11mm)

Key Features

  • Precision brushes for delicate nail art designs
  • Vegan, soft, and flexible bristles for cruelty-free beauty
  • Protective caps included for keeping brush bristles safe
  • Ergonomic handles for comfortable and accurate handling
  • Best for beginners and experienced nail art enthusiasts
  • Easily cleanable brushes for hassle-free maintenance
  • Suitable for a wide range of nail art techniques

Choose Cally Cosmetics for The Best Nail Art Brushes

Whether you're a novice or a professional, our brushes guarantee precision and creativity. Get the Best Brushes For Nail Art from us and make your manicures true works of art. 


How to clean nail art brushes?

  • Use an acetone wipe or a soft brush cleanser to clean professional nail art brushes. 
  • Reshape the bristles after giving the brush a gentle swish and rinsing it in warm water. 
  • Use a paper towel to dry.

Can you use makeup brushes for nail art?

Yes, you can use makeup brushes for nail art. However, it's best to have dedicated and Professional Nail Art Brushes for precise application and hygiene assurance.

How do I clean acrylic nail brushes?

Clean acrylic nail brushes by dipping them in an acrylic brush cleaner. Plus, gently scrub with a brush cleaner tool, rinse, and reshape the bristles.

How do I clean gel nail brushes?

To clean gel nail brushes, use a gel brush cleaner or isopropyl alcohol. Gently clean the bristles, rinse with warm water, and dry.

Can I use paint brushes for nail art?

Although paintbrushes can be used for nail art, using brushes made expressly for this purpose will give you more control and outcomes.

Where to buy nail art brushes?

You can buy nail art brushes in the UK at beauty supply stores, online marketplaces, or directly from credible nail art brands like Cally Cosmetics.