Fall In Love With Our Top 10 Valentine’s Nail Art Designs

Fall In Love With Our Top 10 Valentine’s Nail Art Designs

Valentine’s Day is a super cute holiday to celebrate the one you love, so why not treat yourself to a themed manicure.

We love Valentine’s nail art! 

Not only is it fun to wear, there are loads of aesthetics to choose from. You can go for fun and flirty, cutesy with hearts, or even something a little more grown up and sexy. There are no rules!

10 Love-a-licious Valentine’s Nail Art Designs to Make Hearts Race

Whether you’re planning a date night with your beau, or you’re happy single and love to join in - we’re sure you’ll find some Valentine’s nail art to catch your eye.

1. Red Glitter and Monochrome

Red Glitter and Monochrome

This design is perfect for anyone who likes to follow a theme without it being too ‘in your face’. You can create a subtle nod to the holiday of love, without going mad on the giant hearts. 

The colours speak for themselves in this nail art design, so you can get away with the hearts being tiny. 

To create this look, you’ll need a red glitter shade, a white and a black. Our shade Ruby Rubix gel colour would be the ideal red glitter. Drag a fine detail brush across the nail horizontally to create the stripes.

For the hearts, aim to create small ‘v’ shapes, then join them in the middle to create the curves of the heart. 

2. Hearts and Spots

Red and white nails with polka dots on an a heart in the middle of the spotty nails


If you love fun and flirty, this nail art design is the one for you. 

While red and white are probably the most striking colour combo, it would work well with other shades. If you fancy experimenting, check out the Te Amore Collection for some colour inspiration.

This nail art design is incredibly easy to do at home. It’s made up of block colours on the full nail plate as the background, which doesn’t require much practice.

For perfect spots, use a dotting tool to stamp on the gel, and hearts are created by hand painting ‘v’ shapes. 

This is super-cute nail art for Valentine's Day.

3. Lavender Haze with Hearts

Lavender nails alongside white nails that have coloured hearts on them. These a funky nails for valentine day


If reds and pinks seem too sickly sweet, take inspiration from the Taylor Swift song Lavender Haze. It’s all about falling in love during that honeymoon phase of a relationship and is perfect for Valentine's Day.

Our shade Lavender Cream was made for this look, you just need a white and another bright shade or two for the heart nails. 

4. Love is a Drug with this Flirty Love Pill Style Design

Nail designed to be half and half two colours, one pastel pink and one pastel peach. Two finger nails have tiny pearls lined up on them.


Love pill jewellery has gained popularity in recent months. It’s a cute design that looks like a fun and funky two-toned pill, so why not try nails with the same theme?

Sweet shades like pink and peach work well for painting your nail half and half.

This style works best on oval-shaped nails so that it resembles love-pill jewellery. File your nails down until you reach the desired shape. 

Remember to use a good quality nail file and ensure all your strokes are in the same direction. This can help stop your nail from splitting or flaking.

For creating a clean line in the middle of the nail, use washi tape for the straight edge. You’ll need to cure each layer between painting an reposition the tape each time.

5. Send a Message on Your Nail

Red nails with ‘Love you’ painted on them in white.


Sometimes words speak louder than pictures, so you have to spell it out! 

This Valentine day nail art gets straight to the point with the message on the nails. 

‘Love you’ is a fun message to write but you could get creative. ‘I you’ is also a fun message to write.

If you’re worried your hand might not be steady enough for letters, you could always use transfers to keep it neat.

6. Dotty about You

A cute valentine nail art design – white nails with black spots, black nails with white spots then plain red nails too.


If Valentine’s colours are your scene, but hearts are not your bag, then skip them altogether!

As mentioned above, polka dots are really easy to create. Just stamp them on with a dotting tool!

Copy this style with red, black and white gel polish. You can switch around the colour sequence or even create polka dots on each nail.

It’s a flirty and grown-up nod to Valentine's Day that fits in at the office just as well as on a romantic date.

7. Nail Art with Heart

red nails with one accent nail of a light heart and a swirl under it.


For a simple but striking look try out this Valentine’s Day nail art with a single heart. 

The heart is accentuated by a swirl underneath and it’s super simple to do. You’ll need a fine detail nail art brush and some red and white nail polish.

For some extra glamour, try using a red glitter polish instead of just a solid red.

8. Love Heart Nail Art

Metallic red and silver nails with hearts and stripes painted on. Cute valentine day nail art.


Wear a heart on each fingernail with this design that likes to use the same two colour in alternating dominance. The zigzag stripes add a bit of movement to the design to create a more interesting finish.

The wonderful thing about this kind of nail art is that it works with any complementary colours.  As long as one is light and one is dark, you’ll achieve an eye-catching manicure.

9. Hanging Hearts

Red nails and white nails. The white nails have drawings of branches on them with hearts dangling down.

Love doesn’t grow on trees, but love hearts do in this cool design. 

It’s a little twist on the usual heart nail art, but it’s still fun and funky. 

Use a detail brush to create the branches and then draw on the heart. The hearts in this picture have tiny dots on, but if you’re not confident with such intricate work, it’ll still work well without them.

10. Sweet Candy Hearts and Kisses

Light candy pink nails and white nails. The white nails have little pink outlines of hearts and black x shapes for kisses.


Pink isn’t used enough in Valentine's Day nail designs. For something as girly as you can get, pick a bubblegum pink and recreate this design. Candy Floss Cally Gel Polish is a great shade for this look.

The designs are simple to recreate, for the kisses and the hearts just use a detail brush to get the neat outline.

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