Collection: Base & Top coats

The Base Coat Nail Polish is ideal for people who like a soft, sheer finish. It gives your nails a subtle touch of refinement without overpowering your nail art. Our Shiny Top Coats are your go-to option if you want a glossy, eye-catching lustre. They provide your nails with a dazzling shine that will draw all gaze.

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Are you prepared to step up your nail game? Buy from the wide selection of Gel Base and Top Coat polishes from Cally Cosmetics. 

Whether you're looking for a delicate finish, a stunning shine, or a careful formulation, we have the products you need. Our Gel Top Coat nail paints ensure your nail art shines out and lasts by promising a powerful, long-lasting finish every time.

No Wipe Gel Base & Top Coat

Try our no-wipe nail coat formulation for an immediate and simple fix. You can get a very lustrous, colour-resistant finish that will endure your day with just a one-minute cure under a UV lamp.

Buy Hema Free Gel Top Coat

We care about our consumers, which is why we offer Hema Free Top Coats. These nail polishes give a gorgeous touch while being kind to your nails and free of common allergies.

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What’s the Difference between the base coat and the top coat? 

A base coat is first applied to safeguard your nails and enhance polish adhesion. On the other hand, a top coat is used to seal and protect your nail colour, add gloss, and extend wear time. 

How long does it take to dry?

Drying duration might vary, but usually, base coats and top coats typically dry in 1 to 2 minutes.

How long does a base coat and top coat last?

Base and top coats can last between 1 to 7 days when applied appropriately and maintained.

Can you use a topcoat as a base coat?

It is not recommended, though. Top coats and base coats serve different purposes and may not work interchangeably.

What goes first: top coat or base coat?

For optimal results, apply a base coat first, then a nail colour, and finally a top coat.

Do I need to use a base coat and a top coat?

Yes, using both is advised for better nail health, durability, and a glossy appearance.