Light Up Your Fingertips with These Bright Coloured Nail Ideas!

Light Up Your Fingertips with These Bright Coloured Nail Ideas!

We're diving into the world of bright nail designs, where colours pop and style rocks. Step into a rainbow of electrifying hues and embrace these bold brights. It's time to shine!

Say goodbye to boring manicures and treat your nails like tiny canvases brimming with colourful potential.

Show off your personality and individuality by expressing yourself with some of these bright nail designs. You don’t even need to be all that adventurous with the pattern. Bright clock colours can be just as fashion forward as intricate illustrations.

From bold neon shades that scream summer fun to dreamy pastels there’s a bright nail design out there to match every mood. 

Whether you're headed to a music festival, a summer holiday abroad, or simply want to brighten up your day, these vibrant creations will make your nails the life of the party.

Are you ready to paint the town with vibrant fingertips?

Bright Colour Nails Inspo

Light Up Your Fingertips with These Bright Coloured Nail Ideas!

When it comes to bright nails, it’s not just about the colours – it’s about the patterns, the nail shape and however you choose to express yourself.

Expect to see playful polka dots, dazzling gradients, and eye-catching geometric patterns. Mix and match colours, experiment with different textures, and add a touch of sparkle with glitter accents. 

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The options are as limitless as your imagination. It's time to embrace the power of bright nails and let your hands steal the spotlight!

Top Bright Nail Colours

Below are the top bright nail colours that are on trend this season. Choose them as block colours or to make up all or part of a colour theme. 


Turquoise shades are usually modelled on the beautiful colours of the natural gemstone. The stone itself is thought to repel negative energy, so it’s no surprise the colour has gained popularity. For a turquoise hue, try Cally Gel colour Ocean Breeze to brighten those fingertips.


There are tonnes of shades of pink out there, but right now only the brightest will do! Bright pinks are often associated with love and lust, making them the perfect shades for a summer full of romance! Choose shades like Aurora or Flamingo for a bright pink manicure.


Much like the tropical sunset it mimics; orange gel nails are very sought after. The colour orange has long been associated with excitement and adventure, so why not paint your nails with the Cally gel colour Hawaii and see what adventure awaits you?


Red is often linked to fun, fire and a little bit of danger, making it the perfect gel colour for any adrenaline junkies out there. Paint your nails Pillar Box Red and start your summer adventure in style.

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The colour coral is thought to represent warmth and acceptance. Those are both lovely traits to have, so why not show them off on your nails? Coral is also a fun bright nail colour idea, and complements almost any outfit. For a light coral, look at Cally shade Coral Sands, or for a deeper coral shade, Tequila Sunrise has it all.


When people think of purple, they often think dark and moody. Surprise everyone with a light, bright shade of purple on your nails. Our shade Capri is a great example of this. It’s a luxurious colour that can brighten any look.


Yellow is the colour of joy, making it the ideal colour for your nails. Every time you glance at your hands, your mood is bound to be lifted. One of our brightest, boldest yellow shade is Sicily – a fun and joyful yellow.


Much like the deep blue ocean, the colour blue is thought to represent serenity. Bright blue is a pretty and calming colour to have on your nails. Our shades Azure and Blue Cove remind us of the ocean, and they look really special too!

Top Bright Nail Designs

Once you’ve browsed the top bright nail colours and picked your favourites, it’s time to look into what sort of design you’ll have. 

There’s nothing wrong with a plain manicure of block colours, but if you’re feeling adventurous, why not spice things up a little bit?

Whether you know a skilled manicurist who can bring your nail art ideas to life, or you fancy trying out some designs yourself, don’t shy away bright nail art ideas.

Bright Polka Dot Nails

Polka dots are always a fun nail design, but by adding lots of colour, you can inject even more fun! Try a neutral base, then pick 3-5 bright coloured nail colours to mix up the polka dot look. The finished results will look like a burst of confetti on your nails.

Tropical Sunset Ombre Nails

Let’s face it, any combination of ombre looks great, but a tropical sunset inspired ombre just has that edge. Include colours pink, orange, coral and yellow to create the colour fade.

Tiger Lily Nails

Bright pink or orange tiger lilies are just begging to be the inspiration for your next manicure. The bright shades and broad shape make for the perfect nail art design for almost any nail length. 

Rainbow Nails

You can’t think of bright nail designs without thinking of rainbows. Your nails don’t need to go through the full spectrum, but you might want to attempt it if you’re feeling adventurous. Otherwise, 4 or 5 colours will work.

Sea Sparkle Nails

Copy the way the golden sun shines down on the sea, by having sea sparkle nails. Mix shades of blue to emulate the waves and add sparkles of gold to look like sunlight. 

Summer Nights Nails

There’s something about summer nights that makes the sky look extra special. The sky doesn’t ever seem to get as dark and the stars seem extra bright. Pair some medium and bright blues with some yellows and cream for the stars and the moon.

Bright Abstract Nails

Abstract nails can be one of the easier designs to create because they are no rules! From random-looking daubs to angular shapes, anything goes! Bright colours we made for abstract designs. Whatever design you go for, you absolutely can’t go wrong.

Ice Cream Sprinkle nails

Bring out the bright pastels and make your nails look like a sweet and icy snack. Whether you’re more of a raspberry ripple or a mint choc chip lover, paint on some pastel ice cream, and add some brightly colour dashes to look like sprinkles.

Neon Electric Nails

When it comes to bright manicures, it’s impossible to miss neon off the list. Neon is never not on-trend and with the 90s and early noughties resurgence, neon is another favoured manicure style. Make your neon nails pop by painting tiny bolts of lightning on a neutral backdrop. 

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Bright and Wild Animal Print Nails

Animal print doesn’t need to be boring. Leopard, tiger and zebra print are all fun nail are designs, but why restrict them to traditional colours? Try out a zebra print with pink stripes. Or maybe you’d prefer an orange and yellow leopard print? Whatever you can dream up if bound to look amazing.

With all these gorgeous manicures to choose from, you’ll probably have ideas for the rest of the year. Remember – keep your nail designs bright, and you’ll always be on trend!

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