About us

Born into a family that have operated in the beauty industry for over 25 years some might say it was written in the stars or destined that my career choice was already mapped out for me and looking back now I guess it was. 

From an early age I was to start my vocation of the beauty industry working as a receptionist at my Mother's salon where I was to cut my teeth in experiencing how a living breathing business operates from a day to day basis and also develop my communications skills with existing and new clients.

This foundation sparked my creativity and ambition and led me to the road of wanting to become a nail technician. Although my mother was the owner of the salon I was awarded no privileges or head starts and was to start at ground level where I was to experience the highs and lows of honing my skills and building my client base from scratch. My mother has always instilled that hard work and dedication are the cornerstones of success and there is always room to improve and evolve. 

From the point of inception I have always looked for ways to grow my craft and look above and beyond my comfort zone and after 7 years in the industry I had a deep desire to give back and share my knowledge to people who wanted to learn the vocation and become a nail technician.

With this in mind the Abby Jay Academy was formed and I was to move in to the arena of educating students to become fully qualified and insured nail technicians. The academy has been a great success and I'm forever grateful for all the individuals I have had the pleasure of meeting and tutoring which has enabled them to go on and start their own careers in the industry and we as an academy continue to welcome new students and look forward to many more coming through the door.

Whilst operating in the education sector I found inspiration to pursue one of my life long dreams and create products for the beauty industry. The first creation would be to start with a gel polish range. After years of research and development along with stops and starts that were mainly due to becoming a mother myself Cally gel polish was born.

The product itself is named after my daughter who inspires me everyday to be better than I was yesterday and has also taught me that patience and perseverance are key to reach your goals. There were times when I thought creating and launching a brand of my own was not going to happen with my responsibility as a mother and my commitments. 

Nothing thats worth having comes easy so I promised myself no matter what came my way or slowed me down I would be successful in creating Cally cosmetics and I am immensely proud of the gel polish range we have developed and hope our customers are to. Our ethos at Cally cosmetics is to empower people to feel good about themselves and also believe in their dreams and go for them. I hope you enjoy our products and become a customer for many years to come.
Love Abby