Top Wedding Nail Art Trends of 2023

Top Wedding Nail Art Trends of 2023

Every bride wants to show up to her wedding day with the perfect manicure. The only trouble is, with so many options available, choosing the perfect manicure can be quite hard!

Nail trends come and go, but the top wedding nail art trends for 2023 are bound to blow you away. From understated and classic, to bold and unique, there's a trend out there for every bride.

What's more is, you could even do your own nail art at home - with the right equipment. You'll need the gel products for your desired look, some professional nail art brushes and a little bit of creative flair!

Top Wedding Nail Art Trends of 2023

Your hands will be getting lots of attention on your wedding day. You'll be holding bouquet, gaining a ring, and welcoming guests with hugs and handshakes. This means you'll need an on-trend bridal manicure to wow your guests and pull your whole look together.

Nail art is great way to add glamorous detail to your wedding nails. After all, when you're the bride, it's all about the detail!

Whether you plan to do your own wedding nails or splash out on a professional, you'll be keen to see the most popular wedding nail art trends of 2023.

Floral Nail Art

Flowers are associated with femininity and natural beauty, making them a fabulous choice for a wedding manicure. There are a few ways to achieve a floral manicure, from stamps and stencils to painting them on freehand.

If you're planning a freehand floral design, it's important to research the best brushes for nail art. Different style brushes create different effects. An angled brush is fantastic for creating flowers in one stroke. A detailing brush is great for giving the design a more polished look - allowing you to add more intricate patterns to the flowers.

Floral nail art

Bejewelled Nail Art

Adding jewels to your manicure creates a sparkle like no other. A bejewelled manicure is the best way to bring the bling and get all eyes on your nails.

Gemstones and pearls feature heavily in these 3D nail art designs. Achieve the look by gluing either singular gemstones, or a cluster or pattern to your painted nails. Some popular styles include lining the gems up in a semi-circle around where the natural moons of your nails would be, having a singular gem in the centre of your tip, or creating small patterns such as flowers.

Photo of a bejewelled manicure featuring 3D gems, which is one of the top wedding nail art trends of 2023

Enhanced French Tips

Try a twist on a classic with enhanced French tips. While the majority of the nail should be a nude, natural colour, the tip that would normally be while in a French manicure can be anything you like! From leopard print to marble effect, enhanced French tips are a subtle way to be edgy without going being too bold.

French tips aren't confined just to salons and can easily be done at home if you prefer to do your own beauty treatments. The best brushes for nail art vary depending on the design but you'll probably need to invest in a striper brush and a detail brush as you'll be packing patterns into a small space.

Astrology Nail Art

Astrology nail art is the new way of showing the world that your relationship is meant to be. Horoscopes and astrology have been big news in recent months and that's set to continue throughout the 2023 wedding season. This is one of the emerging top wedding nail art trends of 2023 and is all over Instagram.

One trend is to have both yours and your partner's zodiac signs depicted in your manicure. This such is a fun way to show your love was written in the stars.

Abstract Swirls

If you want something that looks a little special but isn't following a uniform design, abstract swirls are perfect. They allow for freehand drawing to create expressive patterns and can be done in any colour.

A bride who loves colour could choose bold shades that stand out. Someone who prefers a more neutral look can easily pull this off too. What's special about this nail art trend is that it lends itself to any bride's style - they just need to pick the colours!

Geometric Patterns

The geometric nail art trends have evolved over the years and become a chic wedding nail trend. Rather than colour blocking bright and bold patterns, the trend has moved to angular lines on bridal nails.

Geometric patterns are a fun way of adding a flash of glitter or colour to an otherwise muted nail. By creating shapes or lines in an accented colour, you can take the manicure from bland to bridal.

Lace Nails

The lace nail trend is a beautiful option for those who favour the finer details. Lace nails involve intricate design painted on with a detail brush to mimic the look of delicate lace, although some people prefer to use a stencil.

It's a flirty and girly trend that would look beautiful with a lace-heavy wedding dress. Or it could help add detail to a plain bridal outfit.

Ring Finger Only

On your wedding day, your ring finger is the star of the show, so why not let it dazzle? Creating nail art on just your ring finger is a simple way to draw attention to it. This type of manicure creates some lovely wedding photos as having a special design on your ring fingernail complements the ring itself.

It's a classic wedding nail art trend that you can bring into 2023 by combing it with some of the other trends listed above. Consider a bejewelled ring finger if your rings gleam with precious stones. If your rings are more understated, think about a more subtle look like lace or swirls.


Choosing the perfect manicure for your special day can be a difficult decision. With your wedding on the horizon, planning your nails should be a priority, but don't panic. The suggestions above are great inspiration and will make it easier to decide. Thinking about your colour scheme, theme and bouquet can help inform your final decision.
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