Nail Polish Trends For Spring and Summer 2023

Nail Polish Trends For Spring and Summer 2023

The year is in full swing and you’re probably desperate to know the newest nail trends for spring 2023.

This year we’re set to see a few modern twists on spring and summer classics. Those lighter, brighter tones are always more popular in the warmer months.

Say goodbye to your dark and sultry tones until the temperature drops and learn all about what’s in now.

2023 nail trends are set to wow.

So, what is the new nail trend for 2023? These are our top 8.

1. Spring/Summer 2023 Nail Trend: Mix and Match

Cally cocktail mix 6 or 12

It’s time to get creative with mix and match nail colours. Your manicure can look well put together by just sticking to a colour theme and experimenting with patterns. 

You don’t need to be restricted to the same design on every nail.

The mix and match trend is designed to stand out from the crowd. This gives you your chance to shine when it comes to showing off your creativity.

It’s a great way of pulling a look together when perhaps your nail art skills can’t promise a uniform finish. 

Spots, stripes, swirls and splodges – anything goes if it’s in the right colours!

The Cally Gel Ice Cream Collection is a good place to start for spring mix and match shades. They all go together perfectly and make for a marvellous manicure!

2. Nail Polish Trend Spring/Summer 2023: Cool Tones

Cool tones aren’t just for winter. These are the cool new nail trends – spring 2023!

Spice up your spring/summer outfits with an icy nail.

Choose from blues, whites and silvers to play it safe, or opt for cooler toned greys and browns to expand the colour palette. 

Glitter polish can add real character and depth to a cool tones manicure. The sparkle will give it a summery edge, and stop it from looking like a misplaced winter colour scheme.

Lilac and silver glitter complement most cool tones, and blue on blue can create an oceanic sparkle. 

The aim is to create a look that’s reminiscent of glorious beaches and deep oceans. Steer clear of anything that reminds you of ice and snow for spring and summer tones.

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3. Nail Polish Trend Spring/Summer 2023: Cream

The rise of cream nails is long overdue. Last spotted around the Y2K mark, cream nails are ready for a comeback.

A full cream manicure is a great nod to the millennium, but modern nails love a twist.

Consider floral nail art on cream background. Or make cream the theme with an accent nail that’s all cream and with cream nail art designs over another colour.

It’s not as harsh as white, so it creates a soft and warm image that’s perfect for the spring and summer seasons.

4. Spring/Summer 2023 Nail Trend: Silver Chrome

Silver Chrome nails are a fab way to stand out this summer.

The bright, metallic, high shine finish is bound to turn a few heads. Becall the it’s so reflective, it’ll catch the sun at every angle and dazzle everyone in the vicinity.

It’s quite a hard manicure to achieve as the very shiny type requires some skill. It’s not true nail polish and instead achieved by the application of chrome powder.

If you want to achieve a similar look at home, a silver glitter shade should do the job. It won’t be quite so shiny, but it’ll save you from those high prices salons charge for a chrome finish.

5. Nail Polish Trend Spring/Summer 2023: Pastel Yellow

Pastel yellow

A pastel yellow manicure is a beautiful way to welcome in the warmer months.

Yellow is a bit part of the spring and summer seasons. It’s reminiscent of the sun shining and lots of flowers bloom yellow. Daffodils mark the start of spring, then roses and sunflowers sprout throughout the summer months.

It’s a cheerful colour that evokes happiness. Choosing pastel over a bright yellow, tones down the shade and makes it more versatile.

Pastel yellow goes well with most colours, where its brighter counterparts might restrict clothing choices. 

Pastel yellow is set to replace nude nails for spring and summer 2023.

6. Nail Trend Spring/Summer 2023: Pastel French Nails

French Manicure

Pastel French nails are set to be the one of the top summer trending nails for 2023.

French nails will always be in style in some shape or form. From black nails with white tips to any colour of the rainbow. French manicures never go out of style – they just evolve.

The Frenchie trend for 2023 is lots of pastel. 

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There are a few ways to achieve this look. A popular way is to use a pink base that looks like your natural nail, then use either the same or a range of pastel colours to create the tip.

Another way is to use any pastel colour as the base and another pastel shade for the tip. Both styles are in, so it’s down to personal preference.

7. Nail Polish Trend Spring/Summer 2023: Rhinestones

Rhinestone Manicure

Any manicure can be enhanced with rhinestones. They can elevate your nails from basic to bridal glam by only adding a few to an accent nails.

Rhinestones are very popular in the spring and summer because it’s wedding season. From the bridal party to the guests, rhinestones will be everywhere this year.

Nude nails with a rhinestone accent nail are a classic way to add a subtle bit of sparkle. 

If you’d rather stand out, bright marble glitter nail art with rhinestones on every nail is bound to impress.

8. Spring/Summer 2023 Nail Polish Trend: Barbiecore Pink

Barbie Pink

With the release of the Barbie movie, Barbiecore Pink is set to be a big hit. Margot Robbie always seems to have sway in the style stakes. (Remember when everyone dresses as Harley Quinn for about 6 Halloweens in a row?!)

Barbie Pink Nails

This ultra girly trend is set to see some bright pinks make a huge comeback.

What’s great about this trend is that vibrant colours always make for fabulous summer trend nails.

Pink was long overdue a return, and we’re expecting it to be huge.

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