Best Nail Polish for A Fabulous At-Home Manicure

Best Nail Polish for A Fabulous At-Home Manicure

How To Choose The Best Nail Polish For Your Manicure

The secret to a great gel manicure at home is making sure you have all the right equipment. While it's important to have a good UV lamp for gel nail polish as well as products and tools to prepare your nails, using high quality gel polish is a must.
You might think you need to shop gelish nail polish, but the Cally Cosmetics range contains everything you could possibly need. You could even invest in nail art brushes to create a manicure that wows.
Below are tips for the best nail polish no matter what your preferred finish is.

Best Gel Base Coat


Every gel manicure enthusiast knows you can have any colour or design in the world, but your manicure is nothing without a great base and top coat.

The base coat is an essential part of a gel manicure as it binds to the nail, creating a foundation for the finished look. A good gel base coat will help your gel nails last as long as possible. As for the best gel base coat? We recommend the Cally Gel Base Coat to give your manicure a great start.

Best Gel Nail Polish Colours

It's difficult to pinpoint the best gel nail polish colours, because so much depends on personal preference. Trends will come and go and certain colours will be this season's hot topic.

When it comes to colours, there are some classics that never go out of style. For example, nude shades will always be in favour. For example, some of the best nail polish colours for brides will almost always be nudes. That way, the bride's nails will look neat and classy, but take no attention away from the ring.

Likewise, shades of red never go out of style for those who prefer a high glam look. Black is equally popular for anyone who loves a vampish aesthetic.

Essentially, there is no right or wrong when it comes to picking a colour. If you're unsure which colour gel nail polish is best for you, consider looking at our collections for inspiration.

The collections are grouped together in themes and can really help you decide if you're stuck.

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Best Sparkly Gel Nail Polish

When you fancy a bit of sparkle there are a few options. Gel nail polish comes with sparkles added, or you can paint some sparkle over the top of your preferred colour with a clear glitter polish. The best gel for you will depend on the look you want to achieve.

A solid gel colour with sparkles mixed in is great for a glitzy finish. Use 2-3 coats of something like our Disco Pink colour for a finish with dimensional sparkle and shine.

For an ombré glitter finish, you'll need a clear gel nail polish with sparkles mixed in. Layer up the coats of glitter polish to be thicker at one end of your nail and fade clear at the other. It doesn't matter whether the tip or the cuticle end of the nail has the most glitter, as both styles are on-trend.

Another option for adding a hint of sparkle without going full-on glitter ball is to choose a shimmery top coat.

Builder Gel Nail Polish

If you're hoping to strengthen and grow your nails, then builder gel nail polish might be for you. Builder gel is great for creating a strengthening barrier on the natural nail. Try using it on extensions too if you've got short nails.

Builder gel is probably one of the best gel nail polish options for anyone wanting to grow their nails. It can be used alongside other Cally gel nail polishes in the range for a strong, long-lasting manicure.

what is builder gel?

HEMA-Free Gel Nail Polish


HEMA is used in most gel nail polishes. One of its benefits is that it gives a nice hard, shiny finish that people love their manicure to have, but some people can be sensitive to this ingredient. HEMA-free polish contains fewer allergens, meaning those who are sensitive to certain cosmetics are likely to get on well with it.

HEMA-free gel polish is one of the best gel nail polish ranges for people who suffer from skin reactions. This is down to its lower allergen content, making it an ideal choice for those with sensitive skin conditions. The HEMA-free Cally Gel Nail Polish range contains top coat, base coat and five fab colours. This means you don't need to compromise on your manicure - even with sensitive skin.

Best Gel Nail Polish Top Coat

Anyone who knows their nails will be aware that a top coat can make or break a manicure. Not only does it seal your manicure, it gives it that high gloss finish. If your top coat isn't up to scratch, then was there even any point in having your nails done at all?

To choose the best top coat for your manicure, you'll need to decide on what sort of finish you'd like best. Is a clear gloss your ideal look? Perhaps you'd prefer a hint of shimmer to complement the colours underneath.

Whatever your needs, Cally Cosmetics have you covered. From a regular top coat, a HEMA-free top coat or a range of shimmering top coats, you're bound to find the perfect finish for your manicure.

Final Thought

To create a gorgeous manicure at home, all you really need is prepped nails, the right equipment and your favourite colour. There's no right or wrong when it comes to nail trends so let your preferences take over. 

You might like to choose 6 or 12 shades from our mix-and-match offer for some big savings. It's a great way to build your collection or experiment with some nail art.

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