Best Nail Colour Combinations for 2023

Best Nail Colour Combinations for 2023

A fresh manicure can brighten up your hands and your day, but why stop at just one colour? You could mix in another shade, add a complementary (but very different colour) or paint an entire rainbow on those finger tips.

Colour combinations are a hot trend for 2023, but are some colour combos better than others? Keep reading to find out!

While the colours you choose are going to be largely down to personal preference, certain manicure colours have more of an edge than others.

You can achieve a multicoloured manicure by investing in two or more bottles of gel nail polish and designing a pattern you prefer.

If you like to keep things simple, you could just paint the full nail a block colour and change it up on each finger. For the more adventurous manicurists among us, you could use the colour scheme to add a flash of contrast, or even create some beautiful nail art.

You don't have to create a repeating pattern, if you still to the colour scheme, you could design every nail differently and it would still look on-theme.

Mixing and matching colours gives you endless possibilities and adds an extra element of fun to your beauty routine.

Whether you prefer bold and bright hues or understated and elegant tones, there's a colour combination out there for everyone.

So get ready to mix, match, highlight and exaggerate with different colour combinations. Below are the top colour combination trends for 2023.

Best Nail Colour Combinations for 2023

Shake up your manicure by exploring different colour combinations.

Beauty trends are largely influenced by the fashions of the moment. For example lavender and violet shades are set to be everywhere this summer.

That's not say any colours are likely to be unfashionable, but some will be more on-trend than others.

If you need some inspiration, just check out the colours of clothes in the fashionable shops. They always know the trends and are ready for the season.

Below are our predictions for the best nail colour combinations 2023.

Peaches and Cream

Take the pastel love to a whole new level with shades of peaches and complementing shades of cream. You could paint the nails in an alternating design or have peach nails with a cream ring finger.

These dreamy shades are a great pairing that will help you look ready for summer. Of course you could tie the whole look together with our shade of Peaches n Cream gel polish.

Orange, Yellow and Green

Retro styles are back in for this sunny season and 70s vibes are all the rage. These colours shouldn't go well together, but they clash perfectly to create a fun and funky colour combo.

If you're feeling brave, try out some nail art flowers in these shades for a real throwback design.

Our suggestion: Fiji, Maldives and Autumn Fern.

Shades of Lilac and Lavender

Another combination of pastels that will turn heads. There aren't many shades between lilac and lavender, so why not paint the gradient across all your nails. Don't rule out glitter to mix things up.

For a subtle touch, maybe consider just coloured French tips in these shades.

We love: Lavender Cream, Miami and Crazy in Love.

Orange, Red and Yellow

Mimic the fiery surface of the sun with this too-hot-to-handle colour combination.

Orange, red and yellow can look like fire, sunset, or anything else that's welcome on a warm and blissful summer evening.

If your nails are long, a red, orange and yellow ombre nail will look beautiful.

We recommend: Hawaii, Pillar Box and Sicily.

Pastel Pink and Pastel Green

Paired up pastels never get old. Cute contrasting pastels give a youthful edge to a fun colour combo.

Try and mix it up any way you can, with alternating nail plate and tip colours, half and half or even a non-repeating pattern for different colours.

We love: Blush Dream and Bali.

Blue and Grey

These colours often conjure an image of a dark and gloomy scene, but those are the shades of blue and grey you want to stay away from.

For a statement manicure, choose and electric blue and pair it with a sparkly grey. This will add drama to your look and contrast with those other summer shades.

Our suggestion: Uptown Funk and Azure.

Coral and Turquoise

Coral gel polish paired with turquoise nails create a wonderfully contrasting manicure that somehow looks so right.

With early noughties fashions back in full swing, these two dominant colours of the decade are going to turn a few heads.

We suggest: Coral Bay and Ocean Breeze.

Purple and White

A nice variation on the pastel shades of lilac and violet, purple and white are the base colours for the pastel manicure. Create a much more vivid look with these two contrasting colours.

Go for an ombre or purple flowers on a white backdrop.

Geode inspired nails are also a hot trend. Paint a white base with a marbled purple centre and at a little bit of sparkle to mimic an amethyst geode.

We love: Snow White and Parisian Purple.

Blue and Green

Whoever said 'blue and green should never be seen' is a barefaced liar. Blue and green go great together and choosing bright shades of theses colours is very on trend.

Alternate the colours or paint your two middle fingernails green, with the remaining one blue for a more interesting pattern.

We suggest: Royal Bleu and Emerald Jewel.

Brown and Bronze

What better way to show off glistening bronzed skin than to match your summer nails to it? Shiny browns, metallic bronzes and brown chrome nails are all a good bet for 2023.

You could keep the same shade throughout but alternate between a glitter or a plain look.

Various shades of brown are also great for autumn and are perfect colours to finish the summer on.

We love: Chocolate Frappe and Caramel.

Emerald Green and Mint Green

Give yourself green fingers with this pretty mix of shades. Variations of the same colour always seem to complement one another, so this trend works for dark and pastel blues, pinks, and yellows etc.

We're big fans of Mint Choc Chip and Emerald Jewel.

Black and Pink Sparkle

Sometimes, you just need to pair darkness with the light to really show it off. 

Plain black nails pairs with a pink glitter will always look good. You could find a few ways to pair them well, including one solid nail of each, one one black nail with a glitter ombre or a glitter nail with a black tip, or even something that sits right between the two like a dark glitter.

Our top ticks for this look are: Black Beauty, Crazy in Love and Starry Night.

Icy Blue, Silver and Grey

For icy looking nails as the winter approaches, pair some icy looking colours. Silvers, greys and blues create a cold-looking, frozen inspired manicure. 

Your nails will look like they've been blessed by snowfall when you add a sprinkle of glitter.

We recommend Elsa, Night Fever and Moonstone.

All of these nail colour combinations go really well together and will make for a creative manicure. Why not try different variations of these nail polish combinations on your fingers and toes for a put-together final look?

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