Manicure Magic – June Nail Ideas for the Start of Summer

Manicure Magic – June Nail Ideas for the Start of Summer

June is easily one of the best months of the year. It’s officially the start of summer, the weather is great, and there’s plenty to do.

Whether you’ve got a hot summer holiday planned, or you’re staying on home soil and heading to every festival going, we’ve got some fun and fab nail looks for you.

Pack your jumpers away, grab a sundress and get planning your June manicure for 2023.

June Manicure Ideas

Below are some of the hottest nail art ideas for June 2023. From tropical paradise inspired nails to simple beach babe pastels and everything in between. You’re bound to find your perfect June manicure 2023.

Nail Colours for June

Love to get your nails done but prefer block colours to intricate designs? We’ve got you! Below are the best colours for this June. 

We’ve put together five different colour groups for summer nail inspiration. You’re bound to find the perfect look from the list below.

Rainbow Neons

Summer is the perfect time to show off your bright neon nails. Not only does the sun make them look dazzlingly bright and larger than life, but certain lights in night clubs can also make them glow. Oranges, yellows, and pinks are all great picks.

Berry Brights

June brings a harvest of summer fruits, and traditional mums everywhere are sticking them in pies, crumbles, and jellies. Why not take inspiration from your favourite summer puddings and choose some bright berry shades for those fingernails.

Cherries, strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries are the main players in the summer months. These Cally Gel polish shades are perfect inspiration to mimic those summer fruits: Scarlett, Sangria, Chilli Pepper, Pillar Box, and Tiger Lily.

Pastel Pops

Pastels were made for summer manicures. The wonderful thing about pastels is they always look pretty, and every shade magically complements each other. You literally can’t go wrong with a pastel manicure. 

Our favourite pastels are: Pink Lemonade, Mocha Milkshake, Seychelles, Turtle Bay, Saint Lucia, Mint Choc Chip, Santorini, Peaches n Cream, Maldives, and Rio.          

Colours of the Ocean

There’s nothing more beautiful than the ocean in June. There’s just something about the way summer sunshine hits the water. Even as the sun goes down it makes the ocean look incredible, so why not use these colours as nail inspo?

The ocean is full of shades of blue and turquoise and these gel nail polish colours would be the perfect homage: Elsa, Deep Lagoon, Royal Bleu, Sapphire, Ocean Breeze, Azure, and Blue Cove.

Shades of Sunshine

Golds, yellows, and oranges fill the sky in the summer months. If you love the sun then show off some sunshine shades on your nails.

We recommend these beauties: Sicily, Sunset Bronze, Queens Crown, and Hawaii.   

June Nail Art Ideas

For anyone whose ideal June manicure features some summery nail art, these suggestions below will be perfect.

Tropical Sunset

Whether you’re heading somewhere tropical to watch the sun set, or you’re staying home and watching it from your patio, sunset nail art is bang on trend.

A tropical sunset wouldn’t be complete without pink or orange tones and a silhouette of a palm tree or two. Either have each nail painted the same or use the whole hand to depict a beautiful sunset scene.

Under the Sea

Swimming in a warm ocean provides plenty of nail art inspiration. From the starfish in the rock pools, to the brightly coloured tropical fish you spot when you’re snorkeling, everything you see would look great on a manicure.

Don’t forget to include coral, seahorses, and maybe a jellyfish or two if you’re feeling adventurous. 

Beach Life

If you spend every summer craving the beach, why not bring it to your manicure? We love to see a sun, sea, and sand nail design.

For nails that look like a beach, try to go for something that has golden sand near the cuticle, silver sea foam in the middle and blue waves at the tip.

Sweet Indulgence

Any UK promenade is filled with ice cream and sweet stalls. It’s almost the law to buy an ice cream, a stick of rock and some candy floss, so why not take some of this inspiration and have them painted on your nails. 

Sugary pastels look good in summer and make the perfect tones for seaside confectionary nail art!

Nautical Nails

Nautical nails can be as easy or as intricate as you choose. You really only need to get your hands on a bright red, a navy blue, and a white, and you’re away! This makes them the perfect summer June nail designs.

Red and white or blue and white stripes will keep a nautical theme, or if you want more intricate nail art, an anchor or a traditional ship’s steering wheel will all look great. You could go for all these designs if you really want to wow.

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Manicure Styles for June

If you’re not sure you want to commit to a colour or nail art, you could look at themed manicure instead. That way, you can show your nail tech some ideas and they can help you create the exact look you’re after.

Pastel Ombres

Ombre nails will always be one of the more popular June nail ideas, as that seamless fade between the colours can create a striking look. Pastel ombre offers a beautiful opportunity for mix and match colours to blend. Not only do most pastels go well together, but there are also loads of combinations you could go with. This means you could have pastel ombre nails all summer without any two manicures looking the same.

Fun French Tips

French tips are a classic style, whether you go for a natural nail look or not. Fun French tips go with the general theme of a French manicure but add a little extra burst of creativity. For example, pastel or neon tips are a summer favourite, but if you need something a little jazzier, you could have rainbow tips – providing your nail tech has a very steady hand!

Diamante Nails

If you can’t pinpoint the colour or design of your summer nails, perhaps you can decide on definitely wanting bling. 

Diamante themed nails focus on the jewels and not the art. You could go for a neutral or pale base and dial up the dazzle with lots of diamantes on each finger.

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