23 Birthday Nails Ideas for Your Special Day

23 Birthday Nails Ideas for Your Special Day

Birthdays are a perfect time to treat yourself, so why not splash out on some birthday nails?

Most people head to makeup artist for a birthday makeup look, but is your look ever really complete if you haven’t had a manicure?

Beautiful nails finish off a look perfectly. Wow everyone you’re celebrating with by getting one of these gorgeous birthday manicures.

Birthday Nails to Wow

When it comes to choosing your birthday manicure, there are a few themes you can go with. You might want your nails to scream “it’s my birthday”, or you may prefer something a little more subtle. 

Whatever your style, you’re bound to find some inspiration below with these 24 birthday nails design ideas. 

Choosing birthday gel nail designs is great because gel nail polish lets you get as creative as you like. You can pretty much have any design that you dream of – providing your nail tech has a steady hand!

Birthday Themed Nails

One way to let everyone know it’s your birthday is to let your nails do the talking. Choose a design that shows off it’s your special day with these birthday themed nails.


Cupcakes or birthday cakes on nails to celebrate your special day

Nothing is more associated with a birthday than cakes! Cupcakes or birthday cakes on nails are a cute design that let’s everyone know you’ve got something to celebrate. 


candle on nails to celebrate your special day (Birthday)

Get some candles you can never blow out by having them painted on your fingernails. You could go for a candle on each finger, or a fun and bright design that just has a few candles on an accent nail. If you’re feeling extra creative, you could get your nail artist to add some glitter to create a sparkly flame. 


balloons on nails to celebrate your special day (Birthday)

Balloons are always associated with celebrations, so why not get them on your fingernails to take the celebration everywhere you go. 

A bunch of balloons on each nail is cute, or you could just have a single balloon on one nail.


this is a Confetti nails design

Confetti nails are a super simple design, but they have an effective result. Confetti nails add a burst of colour and create plenty of options for how you wear them.

Will you choose to have full confetti on every nail? A confetti gradient can be cool, or you could just have an accent nail. You could even have every nail a different base colour and a confetti coat over them to tie the look together.


sprinkles design on nails for special day

Much like the cakes, a sprinkles design on your nail is a sweet option. You can get hold of nail confetti that looks like sprinkles, or you could have them painted on. 

The painted-on look is perfect for something a little different. A light background with bright sprinkles can make your fingertips look like they’ve been dipped like a donut.


A dark background with bright starbursts and glitter will make for a stunning manicure.

What better way to celebrate a birthday than with a bang? Fireworks are the go-to celebration for all big events, so why not display some on your fingernails?

A dark background with bright starbursts and glitter will make for a stunning manicure.

Glitz & Glamour Birthday Nails

elegant birthday nails with a sprinkle of glamour

If you’re looking for elegant birthday nails with a sprinkle of glamour, the options above might be for you. They don’t take on an in-your-face birthday theme, but they’re special enough to be a lovely birthday treat. 

All Glitter

Glitter birthday nails

Glitter birthday nails are incredibly versatile. There are hundreds of types of glitter gel nail looks – it comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. All you need to do is pick one (or some). Every nail can be different, or you could just keep it simple and go for a glitter accent nail.

Glitter Ombre

glitter on your fingertip

Glitter Ombre can be even more eye-catching than solid glitter. A dense section of glitter on your fingertip that lessens towards the cuticle is an eye-catching way to add sparkle.

Sculpted Flowers

sculpted flowers design: a beautiful birthday manicure

A 3D manicure is sure to wow and makes for a beautiful birthday manicure. Not every nail salon will offer this service, but using raided flowers and other sculpted shapes will give you birthday nails that stand out from the crowd.

Nail Art Foils

Nail art foils are super fine foil sheets that add shine to your manicure.

Nail art foils are super fine foil sheets that add shine to your manicure. You can add dimensional metallic shine to any gel manicure and the foils come in lots of different colours. The end results are chic and shiny.

Chrome Nails

Chrome nails design

Chrome nails have a really striking finish. The method for achieving chrome nails is a little more intricate, but the end result is well worth it. It can make your fingertips look metallic and very shiny – much like chrome itself!

Diamante Nails

add insane amount of glamour by diamantes to any manicure

Adding diamantes to any manicure will instantly add an insane amount of glamour. One option is just to go for a simple design with a few diamantes on one accent nail. But if you want something that’ll stop traffic, consider going full diamante and gem so it looks like jewels are dripping off every finger.

Classic Birthday Nails

Perhaps getting your nails done is a treat you save specifically for your birthday, and you want a more classic design. You might have been eyeing up various manicures on Instagram all year and be excited to get a simple design on your own nails.

Below are some of the more classic manicure designs. Whether you go for acrylic birthday nails or birthday gel nails, most of these designs are achievable in either.


stripes manicure design for birthday nail design

Stripes are so underrated. The wonderful thing about stripes is that there are loads of options. You can pick direction, colour, number of stripes and almost guarantee you won’t have the same manicure as anyone else.

Coloured French Tips

Traditional French Nail

Traditional French tips make you look like you have long natural nails (even if you have extensions), but they can look a little plain for a special occasion. Instead, inject some colour with and have multi coloured French tips too. It’s still a classic look but adds a little more oomph.

want to know more on french manicure


flowers on nails

Flowers are another classic manicure. They’re easy for your nail tech to achieve and you might even be able to do them at home (if you have a steady hand)! They’re a fun, super girly finish.

Block Colours

Block colours are a nice, simple manicure design

Block colours are a nice, simple manicure that can be achieved in gel nail polish or acrylic. Just pick your colour and have it painted on.

Multicolour Pastel

Pastels nail design

Pastels will never go out of style, and the trend for several pastel tones on your nail will always be popular too. Pick a repeating pattern, colour theme, or have every nail different!

Polka Dot

polka dot nails: something a little different for your birthday nails

Polka dot nails are cute and pretty. They go well with any outfit and make it look like a very intricate design when really, they’re very simple to do!

Something a Little Different for Your Birthday Nails

If you’re unsure on what theme you’d like for your birthday nail art, but want something a little different, then these designs are for you.

You don’t see many people with these designs out and about, but they look incredible.

Marble Nails

Marble: chic birthday manicure

Make your nails look like polished marble for a chic birthday manicure. The look is easy to achieve by mixing the right colours of gel nail polish and curing it, so it sets.

Galaxy Nails

galaxy nails

Go for nails that are out of this world for a birthday treat. They’re dark and moody but add just enough sparkle to be special.

Cloud Nails

cloud nails

Don’t walk around with your head in the clouds, paint them on your nails instead. Cloud nails can take a dreamy design to the next level. Either paint clouds on every nail or just go for an accent nail.

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