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Dark Green Nail Inspo to Show Your Nail Tech

Dark green is a colour often associated with health, stability, and elegance – making it a popular colour for manicures.

It’s considered a sophisticated colour that often makes people think of wealth. 

Whether that’s because certain countries have dark green currency, or sophistication and wealth go hand in hand is unclear, but it’s clear that dark green is a beautiful colour for nails.

With its links to wealth and health, some people believe dark green is a lucky colour. And since it’s this season’s hottest shade, it’s worth testing whether it can bring you luck too.

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So book a manicure and check out this list of dark green nails ideas to get your inspiration flowing.

Dark Green Nail Designs to Turn Heads

Dark green is the colour of choice this season, so it’s time to get on board any way you can.

The good thing about dark green is that you can choose a shade that leans towards neutral or opt for a more vibrant shade - depending on your style.

This collection of dark green nail trends is bound to turn heads, so make sure you save it to revisit later.

Dark Green French Tip Nails

Instead of a traditional light French tip, go for a striking dark green French tip nail. It’s a style you don’t see often so isn’t over-done or dated. 

It’s also a really subtle way to add a flash of colour to your French manicure. If you’re looking for a way to do dark green acrylic nails, this is a strong choice. Acrylic and gel nails last longer, so they’re much less likely to chip than attempting this style with traditional polish.

Dark Green Almond Nails

Nail shape trends come and go, but there are always a few classics that never waver in popularity. Almond nails will always be popular. They have an elegant and feminine shape that gives the illusion of elongated fingers.

Not only that, but they are one of the few shapes that can look just as good short as super long.

Dark green almond nails are set to be a huge trend in the coming weeks and will complete any look – whatever your style.

Emerald Green Nails with Gold

Deep emerald nails with gold accents are a glamorous and luxurious nail look. Gold and green paired together have long been divinity and power. 

It’s a striking look that can be executed in a few different ways. A popular choice is emerald green gel polish and gold leaf added to the nail. Another is a green base with opulent gold nail art. 

However you choose to pair the colours, there is no way to get it wrong and so many ways to get it right.

Matte Green Nails

The wonderful thing about modern manicures is that you can have almost any look you desire. It wasn’t all that long ago that nail polish was only available in a small variety of colours with a high gloss finish.

Now you can have almost any colour you can dream of; with any finish you like. Shiny? You got it. Grainy? If you fancy. Matte? No problem.

Matte green nails in just the right shade create a chic and moody look that’ll have everyone wanting to copy.

Green and Black Nail Designs

Black is a fabulous way to show off any colour. It provides depth to a design with no risk of clashing. 

Pairing dark green and black nails can hugely accentuate the green, without causing a distraction.

Opt for either alternating green and black nails, or pick out some beautiful nail art where green and black pair perfectly.

Khaki Green Nails

Khaki green is one of the more neutral shades of dark green. It can complement most outfits and looks fine in corporate settings.

Khakis are currently having a moment, so expect to see a khaki green nail explode onto the scene by the winter.

Emerald Green Nail Tips

Emerald green nail tips conjure up images of a straight French manicure with a green tip, but it’s time to think outside the box. No one said the tip had to mimic a natural nail tip.

Get inventive with your nail designs and choose another shape. A long green triangle with its apex pointing towards your cuticle makes for a fun geometric look. A wide circle on your fingertip is also an interesting design that differs from a regular French mani.

Forest Green Nails

A rich and deep green, often associated with thriving plants makes forest green a striking manicure choice. Forest green nails look best in a high gloss finish and a dramatic shape. 

For a long dramatic shape, consider stiletto or ballerina nails. If you prefer a shorter dramatic finish, then opt for squared off nails – they always look amazing.

Add some gold for a little bit of dazzle, since gold and green should always be seen.

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Dark Green Swirls

Swirls have seemingly taken the nail world by storm. Instagram and Pinterest are filled with swirled nails in every colour, but for some reason, green seems to be overlooked.

Get the perfect dark green swirls by pairing different greens on a nude nail backdrop. Consider shades like emerald and khaki and maybe even throw in some glitter for good measure.

Green Leopard Print Nails

Leopard print is a timeless look, but if you want to update it, it’s best to add a pop of colour. Green leopard print nails are rarely seen but look so incredibly stunning.

Go all green with a pale green backdrop, a mid-green centre for the spots and a dark green gel outline. Alternatively, for a more subtle twist, use a nude backdrop but keep the green spots.

A leopard might not be able to change his spots, but you certainly can!

Green Half Moon Mani

Leave the little crescent moon shape at your cuticle a nude shade and paint the rest of your nail. These half-moon manicures are bang on trend and can work with almost any colour combination.

For something a little more lavish, paint those crescent moons in gold to really show them off.

Of course, since any combination works, you can invert any suggestions too. Paint those half moons dark green and have the rest of your nail looking nude for a cute and subtle nail art trend.

Green Marble

Marble nails aren’t just reserved for those like and dusky colours. A dark marble can be glamorous, moody and intriguing all at once.

The marble effect is achieved the usual way, but with dark green as the base colour instead of white or cream.

Dark Green Glitter Nails

Dark green glitter nails are often reserved for the festive season, but that seems like a waste. Summer sun shining on emerald glitter gel nails screams tropical vibes.

Dark green glitter is a fun look that can be worn all year round, but admittedly does tend to go well with a Christmas theme too. 

If you’re worried a full green glitter manicure might be similar to tinsel, just go for an accent nail to add some pizzaz to your manicure. 

All these dark green nail options make for gorgeous manicures all year round. It’s a versatile colour that can work for any occasion, from job interviews to weddings. Expect to see a lot more dark green manicures in the coming months as the trend takes off.

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