Your Complete Guide To HEMA-Free Gel Polish

Your Complete Guide To HEMA-Free Gel Polish

HEMA-free gel nail polish is the modern way to achieve a stunning manicure for anyone with sensitive skin.

In the very recent past, anyone who suffered certain sensitive skin conditions couldn’t get on with nail polish. Both gel nail polish and standard nail polish contain HEMA – an ingredient some people are allergic to.

What is HEMA in Gel Polish?

HEMA is a shortened name for the chemical 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate (or hydroxyethyl methacrylate). If you want to get really technical, it’s a polymer that forms a hydrogel in water. 

While that might mean nothing to anyone who isn’t a professional scientist, it should still be on your radar if you’re a fan of manicures.

This particular chemical can be found in nail polish and is a known allergen. In the past few years dermatologists have recognized that HEMA in gel polish can cause an allergic reaction for some people.

As with all other allergens, just because some people are allergic to it, doesn’t mean you will be. 

If you’ve ever had a reaction to a manicure, HEMA might be your issue.

What Does a HEMA Allergy Look Like?

HEMA allergies can present differently for different people, so if you have any allergy symptoms at all, a GP visit is advised.

Some common HEMA nail allergy traits include a red, itchy rash on the fingertips. This can sometimes also spread to the eye area due to a person rubbing their eyes when their nails are painted. The nails can also loosen, become flakey or just feel generally sensitive.

If you suspect your symptoms might be related to a HEMA allergy, it’s best to remove your nail polish.

You can always repaint your nails with HEMA-free polish when the reaction calms down.

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What is HEMA-Free Gel Polish?

HEMA-free gel polish is exactly what you’d expect it to be. It’s a gel polish that doesn’t contain HEMA. This means it’s less likely to cause allergies, but it still looks great.

Our HEMA-free gel polish range contains some beautiful colours that’ll help you create a gorgeous manicure.

The wonderful thing about our range is that it still works like gel polish. This means it needs to be cured under UV to set, and you get a strong, long-lasting manicure as a result.

HEMA-free builder gel polish is also available, but it isn’t designed for a regular manicure. Look into why people might use builder gel polish to check whether it’s something you need. Builder gel polish tends to be extra hard and designed for strengthening brittle nails.

How do You Use HEMA-Free Gel Polish?

Giving yourself, or anyone else, a HEMA-free manicure couldn’t be easier.

Just like regular gel polish, it won’t dry naturally and needs to be set with a UV light.

Painting your nails with HEMA-free gel follows the same pattern as using any other gel polish.

  1. Wash your hands.
  2. Clean and shape your nails. This could mean trimming and filing, or just filing.
  3. Prep your nails with the relevant chemicals.
  4. Paint on a thin HEMA-free gel base coat and cure it under UV light.
  5. Paint 2-3 coats of your HEMA-free gel polish in your preferred coloured, curing each coat before applying the next.
  6. Finish with a HEMA-free topcoat and cure under the UV light.
  7. Wash your hands, apply cuticle oil and moisturize your hands with some hand cream.

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Where Can You Buy HEMA-Free Gel Polish?

A handful of brands have a HEMA-free range, but we really rate our Cally Cosmetics HEMA-Free gel polish range.

It’s a great investment for customers who have shown previous signs of allergies. It’s also a safe bet for any clients who suffer from sensitive skin conditions but haven’t previously dealt with HEMA allergies.

Is it Possible to Achieve a Fully HEMA-Free Gel Manicure?

Our range of HEMA-free gel polishes contains a HEMA-free base coat, a HEMA-free topcoat and several HEMA-free gel polish colours.

This means if you’re hoping to avoid HEMA in your next manicure, you can create an entirely HEMA-free finish. No need to mix, match and make do.

Who Can Use HEMA-free Gel Nail Polish?

The great news is anyone at all can use HEMA-free gel polish. It isn’t just restricted to those with allergies.

In fact, some people might prefer to exclusively use HEMA-free polish because they don’t want to risk a reaction.

You don’t need to be a nail tech to invest in our HEMA-free range, anyone can buy it. You also don’t need to go to a salon to achieve a gorgeous HEMA-free manicure. 



What Are The Benefits of HEMA-Free Gel Nail Polish

There are tonnes of benefits to using HEMA-free gel polish. You get all the benefits of regular gel polish, with the bonus of lower allergens. These benefits are listed below.

  • Long-lasting, durable manicure.
  • Lower chance of allergic reactions than gel polish containing HEMA.
  • Highly pigmented, high shine finish.
  • Cures quickly compared to the drying time of traditional nail polish.
  • Suitable for anyone with a confirmed HEMA allergy.
  • Professional-looking manicure that can be achieved at home.

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Our Favourite HEMA-Free Gel Colours

With so many colours available, it’s hard to choose which colours to go for. We have a handful of favourite HEMA-free gel colours that always stay in style.

Below are our favourite gel polish colours that don’t contain HEMA.

HEMA-Free Pillar Box Red

You can’t beat a classic red, and nothing should stand in your way, not even a HEMA allergy! This HEMA-free red gel polish is vibrant and smooth, providing the perfect Hollywood glam manicure. 

HEMA-Free Desert Taupe

This is a beautiful neutral shade that can be worn anywhere. It’s a perfectly muted tone for the office, and it’s versatile enough to be worn with any wedding outfit (even if you’re the bride).

It’s a high-shine finish which looks gorgeous for a night on the town. If you’re feeling adventurous, it would also make a great base for nail art.

HEMA-Free Candy Floss

If you’re obsessed with bright colours and girly pinks then this HEMA-Free shade in Candy Floss is perfect. You can’t get brighter or pinker than this!

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