7 Anti Valentine’s Day Manicure Ideas To Stick It To The Holiday You Hate

7 Anti Valentine’s Day Manicure Ideas To Stick It To The Holiday You Hate

If love isn’t in the air this year and you’re not feeling February 14th, it’s time for a subtle rebellion. Anti Valentine’s nails are the perfect way to show your contempt for cupid and anyone who celebrates his pesky holiday.

You don’t even have to be single to shun Valentine’s celebrations. Some people see it as a bit performative and would rather show how much they care all year round.

The truth is, Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone. You can be happily married for years and hate it, or a long-term singleton who can’t think of anything more magical.

7 Anti Valentine Nail Trends

If you’ve just gone through a breakup, then Valentine’s Day can be a real gut punch. 

Even if you’re single by choice, you probably don’t want everyone else’s love shoved down your throat.

With that in mind, check out these fab and funny anti Valentine’s Day manicures.

1. Wear Your Heart on Your Nail

Heartbreak nails


Let everyone see the status of your heart by painting it on your nail with art brushes. Of course, if you hate Valentine's Day, then your heart is probably broken. 

Don’t be shy, show off your broken heart too!

Paint a broken heart on either an accent nail or every finger. We love the black heart in the picture, but any colour will work.

Maybe a blue heart will show off how icy cold you’re feeling inside!

2. Send a Message in Your Manicure


When everyone else is using their nails to profess their love, try using yours for a different kind of message.

“Boy, bye” is the perfect nod to finalizing the end of a relationship.

Try using letter transfers if your hand isn’t steady. That way you’ll get your message across loud and clear!

3. Match The Colour of Your Heart


A simple black manicure matches the colour of your loveless heart.

No explanation necessary. It’s clear to see you’ve not been caught up in the holiday of love.

4. A Snake on Your Nails Instead of By Your Side


This cool manicure featuring a snake is fun design to show how anti Valentine you really are.

If you’re feeling cheeky, you can tell everyone it’s a picture of your ex. It wouldn’t be too far off, right?

5. Show Your Love for What Really Matters

So what if you’re single? Will you ever really love anyone as much as you love food? 

I think not.

Illustrate your love of dining on your nails to show what your true love is.

6. While We’re on the Subject of Food


Donuts are cute. They’re even cuter when they’re being sassy.

Read this manicure as “I donut like u” and flaunt it in front of anyone who makes a fuss about Valentine’s Day.

7. Spooky Nails


Celebrate a holiday that you actually like and ignore Valentine’s day altogether. 

Can you get any more anti Valentine that Halloween? I think not. 

Fill your nails with spine-chilling nail art. Cobwebs, skeletons and ghosts are a great place to start.

If love is celebrated all year round, then surely ghosts can be too?

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