Difference between regular nail polish and builder nail polish?

Difference Between Regular Nail Polish And Builder Nail Polish?

What Is Nail Polish?

Nail polish is a type of lacquer designed to be applied to fingernails and toenails. It’s applied directly to the nail plate and can be made of different materials and in almost any colour. You can even buy nail polish that has different textures, contains glitter, or has a matte or gloss finish.

Nail Polish Uses:

Painting your nails is a great way to update your beauty routine and keep up with latest trends. Nail polish is used for a variety of reasons, from fashion, to encouraging you to stop biting your nails.

There are different types of nail polish on the market. Traditional nail polish has been around the longest. This type of nail polish relies on evaporation to set and needs to be air dried. This can mean your digits are out of action for up to a few hours.

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Gel nail polish, on the other hand, has been around since the 80s and cures using UV light. This is a much harder type of manicure and tends to be more durable than its traditional counterpart.

Both types of nail polish can protect the nail plate by adding a thickened layer, which in turn can help your nails grow. Of course, caring for your nails plays a part in growth, so you can’t rely on products alone.

Nail Polish Benefits:

One of the main benefits of nail polish is how it looks. Available in thousands of shades and styles, having painted nails can elevate your outfit and your mood.

The act of painting your own nails is thought to be a form of self-care that can improve your mental state. While self-care is great for your well-being, the action of painting your nails can also be an exercise in mindfulness. Concentrating on the task in hand and shutting out the world around you can help alleviate stress and promote good mental health.

Another benefit of nail polish is that teamed with proper nail care, can help you achieve longer, healthier nails. The lacquer layer can add strength to your natural nail and reduce the chance of breakage.

What is Builder Nail Polish?

Builder nail polish is a type of gel polish that has taken the nail industry by storm. Not only does it look great with its high gloss finish, it’s designed specifically to help strengthen nails.


While other nail polish can sometimes help protect the nail plate, builder nail polish is designed specifically to do that. It’s made in a thicker formula than other gel polish, and it’s main aim is to create a hard layer over the nail.

There are two types of builder gel, and both help promote nail growth. One type is a soft gel overlay. This is designed to be painted directly onto your natural nail as a thick protective layer, making it less likely to break a nail. It’s great for building up natural length over time with proper nail care.

Another type of builder gel was designed to artificially lengthen the nail, without any of the more damaging properties of nail extensions. Instead, it's a thick material that is formed, dries rigid and is filed down to look like nail extensions.

Harmony cally gel builder


The biggest benefit of using builder nail polish is the nail growth it promotes. Both types are a thicker and harder formula than regular gel, which creates a protective layer on the nail.

As this gel nail builder has been made with growth in mind, it’s the best type of nail polish to use when you’re hoping to strengthen and grown your natural nail.

When the manicure has been cured with UV lights, the gel polish has a high gloss finish. Another great thing about builder gel is that it lasts much longer than a traditional manicure. Expect to get 2-3 weeks of wear (providing you take proper care of your nails).

Builder nail polish is available in a range of colours too, so you don’t have to compromise on your manicure, just to promote nail growth – which is a huge bonus. It can also be used with other gel nail polishes to help create nail art or a glitter finish.  Builder gel is just as versatile as regular gel polish, with the added benefit of helping your natural nail grow.

Can I Mix Regular Nail Polish With Builder Gel?

When it comes to using nail products, it’s best not to mix anything unless the product says it’s okay. By mixing builder gel with regular polish, you’re mixing two chemicals together with no clue how they’ll react.

Any form of gel polish shouldn’t be mixed with regular polish as they cure using different methods. Regular polish evaporates, while gel polish is cured in UV. By mixing these two different types of polish together, you’re likely to create a mixture that will be difficult to set.

Not only that, but you will likely harm your nail health because the two nail systems aren’t designed to go together. If the gel cures but locks in some moisture from the regular nail polish it can create a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus. This in turn can take a while to cure and can further set back your plans for growing your natural nails.

Another thing you might consider is painting regular polish over cured builder gel. While this is unlikely to be harmful, it’s probably not the best idea either. If you mix two different types of nail polish in your manicure – even if you cure one layer at a time, it’s likely to create a less stable finish than using just gel or just traditional nail polish.

Gel nail polish forms bonds when it cures, which is part of what keeps it so strong and durable. By introducing regular nail polish on top of the gel base, you’re likely to find your manicure doesn’t last as long.

If you want to use builder gel as a base in your manicure, consider using regular gel from the same brand alongside it. This way, you’re not mixing different types of nail polish and you’re likely to get some great results.


If you’re hoping to grow out your natural nails but still want them to look glam, builder nail polish is the best solution. Any nail polish can help create a protective layer, but builder gels are specifically designed for that purpose. It hardens over the nail plate to help promote growth.

The best way to use builder gel is as instructed. Avoid mixing nail systems as builder gel isn't meant to be combined with regular polish. For a flash of colour, use regular gel on top of cured builder gel for a strong manicure. You can even finish the look with some nail art.

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